St.Francis School Indirapuram

ST. Francis School


Christmas Carnival (Yule 2016-17)

The Yule 2016 was organised in the school on 21 Dec, 2016. The event took place in the school ground and was a huge success. It was inaugurated by first seeking the blessings from the Almighty Lord and then the releasing of balloons by Reverent Brother and Ma’am Principal. The carnival took place in two shifts with the primary section enjoying the morning slot followed by the afternoon slot for the senior section. The kids had a gala time with all the fun and frolic present in the carnival. There were multiple games stalls where the students had fun trying their luck out and then to fed their food craving there were the food stalls with variety of foods available. Along with the games and food there was the juke box where students requested their favourite songs and enjoyed the carnival on the beats of some foot-tapping music. The DJ was also available which garnered the attention of the students and they went there in huge numbers to dance their heart out.