St.Francis School Indirapuram

ST. Francis School

St.Francis School Indirapuram
St.Francis School Indirapuram

  • 1. All the students should come to school neatly dressed in a clean uniform. Otherwise, they will be refused entry to the class.
  • 2. It is the duty of all students to keep their classrooms and surroundings, clean and in order. No student is allowed to write his/her name or leave any indelible marks on the furniture. Before leaving the classroom students should pick up any waste paper and unwanted material lying on the floor and drop it in the dustbins provided.
  • 3. Students are not allowed to write on blackboards unless asked to do so by the teacher.
  • 4. Students should observe silence i n the verandas, corridors and stairs during class hours.
  • 5. Punctuality and regular attendance, earnestness in home assignments and good behaviour in and outside the school are always insisted on, and in all these matters the cooperation of parents is expected at all times.
  • 6. The Principal may ask the parents to withdraw from the school those children who do not follow the rules and regulations of the school or if parents themselves do not co-operate with the school authorities.
  • 7. Students should wear their identity cards with the school uniform for their safety and security. In order to enable the students to acquire sound principles of conduct, action and also to lay a solid foundation for a purposeful life, the school organizes various activities which are generally based on the syllabus of the class. Parents must encourage their ward’s participation in all these activities.
  • 8. Students should excel in good manners. They should show respect to their parents, elders, school authorities and teaching staff. They should be gentle and polite.
  • 9. A Student should not leave his/her class room without permission and is not allowed to enter any classroom other than his/her own.
  • 10. English being the medium of instruction in the school, students are expected to speak only in English in the class and in the school premises.
  • 11. Every student must bring a packed tiffin along with him/her. lunch packets or any other articles should be brought to the students by parents during the school hours.
  • 12. Parents/Students are forbidden to give gifts to the teachers on any occasion. No student is allowed to bring any gift or costly item to distribute to his/her classmates on occasion of his/her birthday. Only sweets are allowed.
  • 13. Incase of injuries sustained by students while in the school, first aid will be rendered immediately. And injuries necessitating Hospital/OPD treatment will be attended to without delay.
  • 14. Every Student should take care of school property. Intentional damage to school property is a serious breach of school discipline and will have to be made good by the defaulting students.
  • 15. Children should do their home-work regularly.
  • 16. Students are forbidden to bring any electronic gadgets or other valuables to the school. If found disobeying, strict action will be taken against those students.
  • 17. Every student should take care of his/her personal belongings. School authorities do not take on any responsibility for the loss of such belongings. name of the student/admission no. and class should be marked on the personal belongings to facilitate recovery if lost in the school premises. Students found possessing/ reading/ viewing any material of indecent nature will be dismissed without any prior notice.
  • 18. Students found involved in cyber crime will be suspended with immediate effect and if it is proved, they will be dismissed from the school.
  • 19. The school reserves the right to dismiss the student whose diligence or progress in studies is unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students or whose guardians show little interest in the progress of their wards. Habitual illness or actions detrimental to the discipline and the morals of the school or grave insubordination and contempt of authority or wilful damage of property or non payment of fee is always sufficient reason for immediate dismissal.
  • 20. Immediate expulsion or even dismissal will follow if the continued presence of the defaulting student is damaging to the physical and moral well being of other students and of the school, or if the violation is punishable seriously at the board level, such as unfair practices during examinations.
  • 21. The interpretation of any rule in this as well as any amendment to it rests solely and entirely with the governing body of the school. Their interpretation shall be final and binding on parents and students.
  • 22. Pupils with unkempt hair will be prevented from attending school.
  • 23. Boys are not allowed to wear coloured vests.
  • 24. Girls are not allowed to wear fancy ear rings, bangles or finger rings. The growing of nails and use of nail polish is forbidden.
  • 25. School uniform forbids the use of jewellery, henna/mehandi, streaking of hair, make up, tattoos, etc.
  • 26. No student shall indulge in any of the following practices, namely:
  • 27. Disfiguring or damaging any school property
  • 28. Use of drugs or intoxicants
  • 29. Bullying and rude behaviors
  • 30. Use of violence in any forms
  • 31. Use of bad language or hurting the modesty of others
  • 32. Playing truant during class hours
  • 33. Fines which may be deemed necessary to be imposed on the students are only to improve or to enforce discipline.
  • 34. A student involved in any incident, even outside the school, which brings discredit to the institution either because of its unpleasant nature or inviting criminal or legal action by police or by the court will be dismissed from the school without further enquiry.
  • 35. A student involved in any attempt of defaming the management, teachers and fellow students using social networking sites like Facebook will be dismissed immediately and are liable to legal actions under cyber crime and IT Act 2000.