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St.Francis School Indirapuram
St.Francis School Indirapuram

Directors Message

Peace and Good to all of you!
For the last six years, I have been involved, as it Chairman, with St. Francis School Indirapuram in its remarkable forward journey. Upon the completion of my term, the new Governing Body of the Society appointed me as the Director of St. Francis School since Bro. Julius George, the former Director, was elected as the provincial of the Franciscan Missionary Brothers. In that capacity as the provincial, Bro. Julius George will continue to guide and lead the school as its new Chairman.
As the new Director of this prestigious learning institution, I wish all of our stakeholders to have “Excellence” as their mantra. Excellence is the need of the hour. Undoubtedly, the school already has excellent infrastructures both for academic and non-academic activities such as a state of the art and fully air conditioned auditorium, roofed swimming pool, multipurpose indoor stadium and fully equipped audiovisual studio. Moreover, St. Francis School Indirapuram has been continuously excelling in academic and extracurricular activities because of our well-qualified and capable teachers and systematically developed and implemented curriculum. As A.P.J. Abdul Kalam pointed out “excellence is a continuous process not an accident.” Therefore, we must keep moving forward. We shall never remain stagnated with our one time achievements.
I see excellence as all about living to our highest potential. It is about going above and beyond the ordinary. Excellence requires our focused effort and devotion. In that sense, excellence needs to be a habit not an act. Consequently, our actions and activities whether in the school or at home must be an outpouring of being and becoming of who we are: an excellent human person. I think that must be the ultimate goal of education the schools offer to the students. Moreover, transforming our students as excellent persons requires concerted efforts of the management, teachers, and the parents.
I really look forward to working with each of you in our collective mission of transforming our students into excellent human persons who academically and morally stand out in the society.

Bro. Dr. Laurence Abraham, CMSF