• All the students must be clean and tidy in their proper dress and manners. Parents are requested to send their ward/wards to school neatly dressed without which they will be refused admission to the class.
  • Pupils with unkempt hair would be prevented from attending school.
    • Boys are not allowed to wear colored vest.
    • Girls are not allowed to wear fancy ear rings, bangles, finger rings and growing of nails & using of nail polish.
    • School uniform forbids the use of jewellery, henna/mehandi, streaking of hair, makeup, tattoos etc.
  • It is the duty of all the students to keep their class rooms and other places in and around the school, clean and in order.
  • No student is allowed to write their names or leave any indelible marks on their desks and chairs. Before leaving the class room students will pick up waste paper and any unwanted material from the floor.

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